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The mandate of The Dark Dominium Empire is to help and support it's members. All for one and one for all.

THE DARK DOMINIUM EMPIRE alliances consist of THE DARK DOMINIUM [DDE] , and Dominium of Chaos [DoC] Both alliances work together for the betterment of each other. We also help and support our extended family [Mujengan] and allies.
Basically our goal is to help each other and in the process help ourselves too.

Our community is basically one big family, and we protect our own. We work as one, we share almost everything in the gaming experience.

You as a member will find our role as 'supporters' or even 'mentors' to be very helpful. We supply help in the form of advice as well as resources. Which is a great way to show that we really want the best for our alliance and members.

The EMPIRE is not for the weak of heart, we are a pure warring alliance, We grow through out various programs but the main purpose is to continue to war. It is in essence what we are about a band of warriors with a joking style. Those who know us like us those who don't hate us

So if you think the DDE is a great way to achieve your personal goals please feel free to join in the fun.

Enjoy your stay...and remember.. Evil Doesn't Die ....It Multiplies!

~The DDE Web Staff~

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